Traditional Service

May 19, 2024    Kenny Baskins

Key Thought: In John 17, Jesus prays first to be glorified (v. 1-5); then Jesus prays for His disciples

(v.6-19); finally Jesus prays for all believers (v. 20-26). Prayer is the “soul’s blood”! What would it mean for

our Church to be a “house of prayer”?

1. Jesus asks Father God that we would be one:

A) in purpose;

B) in devotion;

C) together with Him;

D) with the Father;

E) with each other

2. When a local church doesn’t pray, it becomes a lo-cal church!

3. Four misconceptions about prayer that we must overcome if we are to pray as Jesus prayed:

A) Seeing prayer as technique instead of grace;

B) Thinking that speaking a prayer is the end;

C) Seeing prayer as little more than “idle thought”.

D) Thinking prayer is just a “mind thing”!

4. True prayer involves our entire being!

5. When we pray, all things are possible!

If we do not pray, nothing is possible!