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Jun 9, 2024    Brandon Starnes

3 Day Reading Plan On The Power Of Unity


1. Unity is something that you know when it’s present...and you know when it’s absent.

2. When there is unity…everything runs smooth & more gets accomplished…but when there is division & lack of unity…all you have is chaos & confusion.

In this “high priestly prayer”, the longest recorded prayer of Jesus (this is just a portion of it), Jesus gives us his vision for unity as he prays that the hearts of those who follow him will be as one as he is one with the Father.

If we examine the scriptures, we find that there are over 30 times where we see the combination of two words, “one another”. “Encourage one another. Love one another. Serve one another. Comfort one another.” The pathway to holiness is through “one another”. There is power in connectivity. We draw strength from one another.